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Dr Lewis Kirkham, a veterinarian with further qualifications in animal behaviour, has a lifelong fascination with pets and their interaction with their owners.

Since graduating as a veterinarian from The University of Melbourne in Victoria, Australia, Dr Kirkham has worked in a variety of practices in both Australia and the United Kingdom.

In 2004, he founded Animal Behaviour Solutions, a company that provides private counselling and behavioural advice for pet owners. Through this company, Dr Kirkham has assisted numerous pets and their owners in the assessment and management of behaviour problems. He is also a consultant to local and international zoos and sanctuaries on exotic species’ behavioural problems.

Dr Kirkham regularly features on TV, radio and online media regarding behavioural problems in pets. He contributes to Pets Practice TV show, The Age, Herald Sun, The Daily Telegraph, The Courier Mail, The Advertiser and The Australian newspapers, Dogs Life, Living and Lifestyle, Oriental BQ Weekly, Click! and Urban Animal magazines.

He has also been published in the Australian Veterinary Journal. He is a member of the Australian and New Zealand College of Veterinary Scientists as well as a chartered member of the Australia Veterinary Association. He is also a member of the American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior.

The birth of his two daughters ignited his passion for educating expectant parents about the smooth transition from a child-free, dog owning family to a larger family with a new baby. Dr Kirkham’s work was initially published as What your pet can expect when you’re expecting (2005), the first comprehensive resource for expectant families who own a dog or cat.

This was re-released in 2012 by Little Creatures Publishing Pty Ltd as Tell Your Dog You’re Pregnant: An essential guide for dog owners who are expecting a baby. Following on from the worldwide success of this, his second book Tell Your Cat You’re Pregnant: An essential guide for cat owners who are expecting a baby was published in 2015

Currently Dr Kirkham divides his time between his family, private veterinary practice, companion and exotic animal behaviour referrals and online veterinary support.

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