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Kate and Will LupoLetter from Her Royal Highness The Queen, thanking Dr Kirkham for the autographed complimentary copy of the Book and CD we sent to her to help prepare the Corgies for HRH baby George (see above)!

Author, Dr Lewis Kirkham interview on Pets Practice TV Show

Author, Dr Lewis Kirkham interview on ABC Radio BabyTalk show 2013.

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Courier Mail Newspaper Review 26/01/13

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Oriental BQ Magazine 28/06/13

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Declan Herald New Dehli 17/07/12


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The Age Newspaper  10/06/13

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Veterinary Journal 2013

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Adelaide Advertiser Newspaper 17/12/12

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The Herald-Sun Newspaper 2014

The Age August 2013 Voice

The Age Newspaper August 2013

Aust Vet Journal Prof Review

Australian Veterinary Journal Peer Review November 2013

Zuckerberg Autographed BookMarkZuckerbergPriscillaChanPregnant

Autographed book sent to Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg to help prepare his dog “Beast” for the arrival of his new baby

Megan Gale Book Signedarticle-2534442-1A721FC500000578-715_634x555

Autographed book sent to supermodel Megan Gale to help prepare her dog “Bosco” for the arrival of her new baby

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