This is a fantastic resource for any dog owner who is expecting a baby. This book will help you prepare your dog for the arrival of your new bub. Congrats Dr Kirkham on an excellent guide- simple to follow and invaluable advice.

Dr Katrina Warren
Celebrity TV Veterinarian



As a paediatrician, parent and dog owner I applaud Dr Kirkham’s comprehensive, practical and well organised approach to introducing a new baby to a resident dog. It is well known to paediatricians that children between the ages of 2 and 5 years may have some negative reactions to the home coming of a new baby e.g. more demanding behaviour, retrogression in ‘toilet training’, demanding to be fed by the bottle again, change in sleep patterns and so on. So, just as it makes sense to prepare your existing children for the home coming of a new baby, so it makes eminent sense to prepare your dog also, because undoubtedly, the dog considers itself as one of the family, and the consequences, on rare occasions, can be serious. I thoroughly recommend Dr Kirkham’s book to all expectant parents who own a dog. It is perhaps mandatory reading.

Consultant Paediatrician

Tell Your Dog You’re Pregnant contains essential information for expectant parents and carers. It provides clear explanations of how to best prepare your dog while enabling owners to make informed decisions to seek veterinary help early. This could be the key to preventing horrific injuries or possibly saving a baby’s life.

Dr Dane Horsfall MBBS(Hons) FACEM
Emergency Physician

Tell Your Dog You’re Pregnant was fantastic. It really helped with the transition. The CD was great especially the crying and the squeaky toys.

Jane B. with ‘Winston’
Sth Yarra, Australia

I was surprised how different Barney’s reaction was the first time he heard the CD compared to the next time. He was very inquisitive and a bit anxious the first time we played it, so I expected to see a similar reaction the next time we played it. Surprisingly the second time I put it on he was more inquisitive with the high pitched squeals etc. But not anxious and ended up almost falling asleep and not particularly interested in a lot of it. His reaction continued to be very relaxed with subsequent sessions. The clarity of the noises on your CD was excellent. Thanks again.

Barb N. with ‘Barney’
Templestowe, Australia

This book and CD were invaluable in preparing ourselves and April for the arrival of Jacob. They are now best of friends, and we are more confident than ever that they’ll remain friends for life. Dr Kirkham provides the information in a manner that is both fun and understandable for all members of the family.

Guy R. with ‘April’
Coburg, Australia

All I can say is WOW!!! This book is very well done, the information is so clear and well laid out. A great book for helping our ‘first’ baby (Ralph our dog) adjust to the arrival of Cynthia. Ralph knew what to expect after following the routines recommended in the book. A very useful book.

Rob & Melanie T. with ‘Ralph’
Perth, Australia

This book was just what I had been looking for as I was concerned that my dog would be dominant with our baby (Max) when he was born. I now know that “dominance” is just a myth. This book highlighted possible problem areas in our house early on and enabled us to change these before his arrival. Tigger, our Boxer cross was frightened by the CD initially but after following the instructions in the book he actually went to sleep during them – even the screaming ones!!

Sarah B. with ‘Tigger’
Mt Gambier, Australia

How lucky for us that my sister, who lives in Australia, found this book at her local vet clinic. This is the only book we have seen written by a vet about helping our dog prepare for Harriet’s birth. With the book and CD’s help the process went so smoothly. Simple tips through the book such as to have another person hold Harriet while we went and greeted the dogs for the first time after the birth are just what we needed. This is a ‘must’ for any family who have a dog and are having a baby soon.

Vicki D. with ‘Rosie’ & ‘Oscar’
Boston, USA

I have just finished reading Tell Your Dog You’re Pregnant. Can I just say this is an amazing book and I think if more people read it, it would prevent a lot of child dog attacks. Highly recommend!

Alex Warland
Melbourne, Australia

This book is fantastic! The author is obviously really knowledgable in this area. I’ve had concerns about how my dog will react when I’m pregnant as she’s used to getting all the attention so I was worried about jealous behaviour. This book has put my mind at ease and has given me lots of advice on how to prepare my dog for a new arrival. Brilliant! I definitely recommend this to any woman who is planning to be or is pregnant and has a dog.

Annie T with ‘Barney’
Surrey, UK

As a pregnant dog owner, I was making myself crazy with anxiety over every little thing my dog was doing. This book did wonders to calm my fears, provide the facts and also provided great answers to just about every question that came up. A must-have book for any pregnant family that owns a dog! I’m so glad I purchased this.

Bernie O’C with ‘Boomer’ & ‘Mimi’
Portsmouth, New Hampshire USA

I recommended this book to my sister and my best friend who are both expecting their first baby and own dogs. They absolutely loved it and so do their husbands! My vet recommended it and I’m so glad she did. They both found the handy tips really, well, handy! And the funny `case studies’ scattered throughout really helped them relate to many of the topics covered in the book! It is a great gift for any one that is pregnant and to have as your own also. A great book!

Charmaine T with ‘Pepe’
Coogee, NSW, Australia

This book is a must read for anyone expecting a baby and who owns a dog. Without being overly dramatic, the author plainly makes the case for managing all interactions between your baby and dog for both safety and convenience. The book contains very practical tips on how to teach your dog what they should be doing when the baby arrives to minimise unwanted behaviours. If every dog owner followed these tips we would have fewer dogs put in shelters or re-homed just because their owners (and dogs) were not prepared for a baby.

Doireann C with ‘Tobi’ and ‘Jack’
Carrigrohane, Ireland

As a dog trainer I’m in a position to educate people on how to prevent training and behavioural problems arising. This is just obviously so much easier than having to find a solution to a problem that has developed. It is too risky not to plan ahead and act to prevent problems in a household where a baby will be introduced. Dr Kirkham’s book “Tell Your Dog You’re Pregnant” is easy to read and provides very important advice that, when followed, will ensure that the introduction of a baby to your household will be a safe transition for everyone. I would highly recommend this book. Lyn Witts; Delta Cert IV Dog Behavioural Instructor and Cert IV Veterinary Nurse.

Prevent problems rather than have the challenge of finding a solution! – October 23, 2013 
Pawtential Dog Training

This book takes a proactive approach to preparing our much loved dogs for a major change in the household. As a veterinarian who consults in the area of veterinary behaviour, and a new mum, I found the information relevant and important. The book helps teach readers about understanding their dog’s body language and behaviour, allowing appropriate management to be put in place. Importantly, the book also frequently highlights circumstances where there may be the need for further professional help. The information presented is important for preserving that very special human- animal bond we have with our dogs, while maintaining the safety and happiness of our households.

Tell your dog you’re pregnant – October 17, 2013
Fiona Warton – Veterinarian and animal behaviour consultant.

I was extremely impressed by the book and its easy to read format, covering just the perfect explanation of how to tell our dogs we were pregnant. I’m a veterinarian myself and I constantly see pets having trouble coping with a new baby in the house. Parents trying so hard to do the right thing by their new baby and their existing pets, but frequently missing the mark, and it’s usually the pet that misses out. So when my partner and I discovered we were expecting, we both thought of our much loved 4 dogs and how we could help them cope with the changes. The book detailed exactly how to identify changes to facial expressions and body movements which may indicate things that worried them or that they weren’t as comfortable with as we thought they might be. My partner is not a vet and it was a book which made it very clear and obvious to both of us, how our pets were likely to cope and what we could do to help them.It’s a book which I now regularly recommend to all of my clients who are expecting. My dogs and my new child are all too important to me not to seek its knowedge. I was really impressed by the book and found it extremely helpful to both of us.

Completely impressed by the book and extremely helpful – October 10, 2013

In my work as a behavioural dog trainer, I often received calls from families who are about to have a baby and want to train their dog! Often the dog has already displayed behavioural problems and in some cases, the real thrill seekers have a brand new puppy. We are spreading the word about Dr Lewis’s book and recommending it to our clients in the hope that people are better informed and can start training their furry family member well in time for their baby’s arrival. There is nothing more heartbreaking than having to give up a family pet, or even worse, deal with the consequences of a preventable injury. Community eduction for people, their pets and children helps keep our children and pets safe! The advice used in this book goes hand in hand with our preferred methods of training which are gentle and force free. If you are not sure, please consult a Veterinary Behaviourist or Qualified Behavioural Dog Trainer. Congratulations Dr Lewis on a great publication!

Own a dog? Read this before you have a baby! – October 5, 2013
Paw Behaviour – Carrum, Victoria Australia

Great introduction book for new mums. Helps to dispel myths about how to introduce your newborn into the doggie household.Dogs need our help when babies are brought into the home and need to be included as part of the family. This book will help you to work that out.As a dog trainer, it’s the first book we give to clients who are expecting

All new mums should have one – September 18, 2013
Natalie Watson

As a veterinarian I was hoping with this book that I had at last found a guide I could recommend to my expecting clients and I wasn’t disappointed!. The book has been written with easy to follow chapters, that means the average dog owner that is starting their family can get a great understanding of the changes and potential problems they may encounter. This is a book that every dog owner who is expecting should read and have in their home.

A great guide for expecting parents – September 17, 2013
Ruth Duncan

Expectant parents are bound to enjoy reading “Tell Your Dog You’re Pregnant”. All potential dog scenarios associated with pregnancy and beyond are covered in this comprehensive book. The striking design and stunning images of dogs and their families are very appealing.
Dr Lewis Kirkham’s post-graduate veterinary studies in Animal Behaviour shine through in his practical explanations. The CD included with the book provides a variety of baby sounds that readers can work through to desensitise their dog to noises they may encounter upon the arrival of baby. The desensitisation process is easily explained in the author’s clear and concise writing style.
Throughout the book, the author shows his understanding of the real life challenges of raising a baby and provides entertaining case studies to break up the text.
For anyone wondering how to introduce their four-legged friend to their new baby, Dr Kirkham’s book will be an informative and enjoyable read.

Tell Your Dog You’re Pregnant (Dr Lewis Kirkham) – September 16, 2013
Peta Keown

I purchased this book and read it within a few hours. This book is clearly written, concise, not full of jargon, and truly written for dog owners to implement effectively. I was able to easily transition my dogs into a new routine. The author offers practical advice regarding training, management, assessment, and references for further help. What a refreshing change from books which simply tell you to keep your dog away from your baby! I highly recommend this book

A must read – September 9, 2013

Dr. Lewis Kirkham’s Guide for Dog Owners Who Are Expecting a Baby offers informative, helpful, and sensible advice to pregnant dog owners. Kirkham provides interesting anecdotes, such as the retriever who was trained not to run to the door and knock when someone rang the doorbell, that illustrate effective training techniques. Kirkham also sets forth a long list of behaviors that indicate a potential problem area for a dog, and then describes how those problems can be addressed.

I found this guide a sensible and intelligent one, and here’s how. In chapter six, Kirkham discusses how to establish routines before the baby arrives. Dogs thrive on predictability and consistency, and all members of the household must treat the dog the same, both before and after the baby arrives. Kirkham then goes on, not only in chapter six, but elsewhere, to demonstrate exactly how a dog-owner should go about applying this principle. And this is the real magic of this guide: is is both theoretical and practical.

Informative, helpful and sensible advice for pregnant dog-owners – September 1, 2013
E.L. Farris “E.L. Farris” (VA United States)

Dr. Kirkham has provided an easy read on how to prepare the family pet for the new human arrival. He offers insight in animal behaviour/psychology broken into simplistic terms & relevance. Like traditional favourites such as ‘What to Expect when you’re Expecting,’ I have been recommending this book for the past year to anxious soon-to-be parents wondering how to introduce the baby to their fur-babies & vice versa, and how to manage the new family dynamics.

Great for pet owners who are expectant parents – August 29, 2013
Dr. M. Sung

Dr Kirkham has provided a comprehensive summary of how to introduce your `animal family’ to a new member of your people family. The book is easy to read and well laid out. The sequence of chapters is well thought out and builds on a well-laid foundation – children’s safety is paramount. It is important to create as many positive associations with children as possible for your dog. But these introductions must be safe and supervised. The Case Studies highlight the variety of animal personalities and the different situations that may occur in homes across Australia and the world. Explanations are not overly complicated and facilitate a common sense approach to combining people parenting with pet parenting. Pictures paint a thousand words and the photos help to reinforce the text. The CD of `baby and toy sounds’ is actually interesting to listen to and provides a good variety of noises associated with baby activity, happy or otherwise. The arrival of a baby brings about great household change. Dr Kirkham describes how some routines have to be rescheduled to accommodate the variability of life with children, but others blend in easily. Tips on how to manage relationship time and interactions with dogs are designed to be manageable for sleep-deprived parents! Most dogs adapt to the arrival of a new baby but Dr Kirkham helps to ease that transition with positive training and wise advice. Clients and veterinary colleagues have found the book very practical and it comes highly recommended.

Positive Advice on how to safely introduce your new baby to your dog – August 18, 2013
Dr Robert Stabler -Veterinary Behaviourist, Cardiff NSW Australia

Excellent book! It has all the hints and tips to prepare any future parent and dog (or furry baby) to receive a new member of the family. I keep recomending it to friends and family and now yo any client who needs it. It is easy to read and follow. The information is precise and really accurate. And on top of it includes the CD with baby noises and lots of case examples in the book.Can’t wait to read Tell your cat you’re pregnant!

Excellent book – August 12, 2013
Dr. Dami

What a fantastic resource! As a Professional Dog Trainer, I will be using this book to refer to expecting parents. Nothing has been brushed over. It is comprehensive, but to the point. An Easy step by step program to help ensure bringing your baby home will be a safe and fun encounter for you and your dog. Getting organised prior to the arrival of your baby is so important for ensuring a reduced stress environment for your newborn and dog. Well done Dr Lewis –

Amazing Resource for Expectant Mums as well as friends and families with Dogs – August 11, 2013

Tell Your Dog You’re Pregnant spells out in detail so many things that you’ve been told, heard, sort of know or have stumbled onto about being a dog owner who is having a baby. But, instead of just suggesting a broad strategy, it really drills down into all the critical things that need to happen before the baby arrives and how to plan ahead so that everyone in the family is happy with the changes that the baby brings. I will definitely buy a copy for all my friends who are expecting a baby and own a dog!

Buy it for yourself AND as a gift. GREAT! – August 8, 2013

As a veterinarian I know that the average dog owner wants an easy to read, easy to understand book that will help them have that “well-behaved dog” around their new baby. After reading Tell Your Dog You’re Pregnant, I almost felt like any of my clients could train any dog! It has good step-by-step instructions that make sense. The author’s approach is kind, practical and balanced and also highlights when owners should seek the help of a proffessional. This is a book every dog owner expecting a baby in their house should read. I am planning to give it to all my pregnant friends, who own dogs, as a baby shower gift as i think it covers a very important area for people that are planning a new family. Enjoy!!

Very informative, simple and an easy read – August 5, 2013

This is an excellent book and I recommend it to anyone with an exisiting dog in the family who is expecting a human baby. As a veterinary behaviourist myself, it is wonderful to have this excellent resource to recommend to people. It is a very comprehensive book, that is easy to read and follow. It is beautifully illustrated and loaded with lots of practical tips and advice. A book like this is long overdue and a must in vet clinics,as well as public and private libraries.

An excellent, must read book – July 30, 2013
Dr Kathy Cornack, Vet Behaviorist

This is a great book, written in a very user friendly way. Anyone who has a dog that is part of the family is anxious about how the addition of a baby is going to work. The fact that the book is written by a vet, especially one with further qualifications and expertise in Animal behaviour gives you confidence in the advice given and helps to put your mind at ease that your worries are normal and there are simple practical things you can do to ensure the experience is a good one for all.
I have recently given this book to a friend who was worried about her dogs (she is pregnant with a long awaited first child) and she has also found it very reassuring and worthwhile.

Practical solutions to a change in family dynamics – June 19, 2013 >
Dog loving realist (Sydney)

Can’t recommend this book highly enough. It’s full of great tips so so you can be confident that you can prepare your furry friend(s) for the arrival of baby instead of worrying about how they’ll react.

Love it – June 18, 2013

Unlike many other dog behaviour books this author has qualifications (veterinarian with added animal behavioural qualifications) in this field and offers sound advice for families who are expecting.As a veterinarian myself I found this book very informative especially as there doesn’t seem to be many other books in this topic. Dogs are such a huge part of our lives that it makes sense to prepare them for the sudden changes that occur in the household with the addition of a new family member.

Very informative – June 1, 2013

As a final year veterinary student I was concerned how my dogs would cope with arrival of my new baby. I asked the professors/teaching vets at my University and they recommend Tell Your Dog You’re Pregnant and I can see why! It is perfect and contains many perfectly laid out chapters discussing all of the issues I had thought of as well as many I had not. I didn’t know about the issues with baby swings or even thought about my dog responding excitedly to squeaky toys might be an issue – until of course my baby is holding the squeaky toy and Tess or Charlie (my fur babies) want it! There is a great chapter on the myths such as jealousy and the dogs getting their ‘noses out of joint’ as well. All of the information is based on the latest scientific research and methods and I can tell it has been written by a vet behaviorist with practical solutions that could be used for anyone with kids who owns a dog. I will definitely be recommending this to all my pregnant clients in the future.

Fantastic book, would recommend – May 28, 2013
Samantha Crane

My husband and I learned we were expecting our first child (our first non-furry child really!) and made the fun trip (well I dragged him along!) to the book store. I wanted something informative for myself, and I urged my husband to pick a book to read too. He wasn’t going to get one, but at the last minute, knowing how much he loves our dog, Gertie, (perhaps more than me….) I picked up ‘Tell Your Dog You’re Pregnant’…and he paged through it and was smiling instantly. I said, “Get it!” He had the entire thing read in a matter of a couple of days of reading before bed. It was so cute to see him go to bed early to read the book. He shared numerous snip-its with me and many facts that I didn’t know. It is a great compromise of informative, practical and humor. I think it is a great read for dog owners who are expecting, especially those who aren’t big readers. It gives good insight without be too wordy, and he has retained the info! He has referenced the book several times and the changes to Gertie’s (our fur baby) routine have begun! A big thank you to the author, Dr Kirkham, for helping our whole family, including Gertie!

Loved this book and an easy read for everyone with thumbs! – May 26, 2013
Zoe Wilson

This book – Tell Your Dog You’re Pregnant – is fantastic. I got it a few months into my pregnancy and it had so many things I had not considered about life with a new baby and my fur kid. All the information is well written and the steps are very easy to follow. Some of the case studies are very funny too! I plan to give it as a gift to all my dog-owning and dog-loving friends who are waiting for the pitter patter of little (human!) feet. I cannot recommend it highly enough.

Expecting and excited, very helpful book! – May 21, 2013

Have to say that we were a bit worried about our dog would react to our new arrival.
Clearly he knew something was going on and although we thought our dog would be fine, there was the niggling doubt.
This book really helped us work through our issues (its always the owners lol) and guided us, simply and clearly, as to what we needed to do to ensure that dog and new baby relations started on the best possible footing.
Thank you Dr Lewis!

Doggone useful – April 28, 2013
Julian Bremner

My girlfriend gave me this book for my baby shower. We had been a little worried about how our first “child”, our beloved Spanadoodle; Lily, would take to no longer being an only child. After reading Dr Lewis’s book, we realised the important steps we could put into place to make these changes a positive thing for her.We were able to confidently retrain her(and us) so the transition was a complete success when Sebastiano came into our world. We are grateful to the advice given as we were so worried about how to best integrate Lily through this big change for all of us.

Thank you Dr Lewis – April 17, 2013
Roberta Gowling

As a vet nurse, who is interested in dog behavior, I am often asked by pregnant owners how to best prepare their dogs. After purchasing multiple books on kids and dogs, I found that this was clearly the ONLY book I needed. It is detailed without being boring, and with simple terms for dog owners who are first time parents-to-be. I have gifted this to every single dog loving friend who’s gotten pregnant since then. Highly recommended and definitely 5 paws up!

A must read for mums to-be – November 3, 2012
Lynne – Melbourne

I gave this to my wife as we are expecting and our two dogs are a very special part of our family. After listening to her rave about it I had no choice but to read it myself. Very informative and a great idea for all parents of the two and four leg variety.

What a great book – October 18, 2012

I have recommended this book to all my pregnant friends who have had a fur-baby as their first-born. It is incredibly informative and removes any anxiety associated with bringing a new baby into the family. It teaches you how to manage different situations between your dog and your baby and also includes a great audio CD with baby sounds to prepare your dog for what’s to come. There are so many families who are in this situation, I’m so glad there is finally some comprehensive information on how to manage this situation.

A fabulous find – A must for all dog owners! – October 9, 2012
Terrence F

I recently came across “Tell Your Dog You’re Pregnant” while researching for behavioural information to include in my puppy pre-school class. I am a Veterinary Nurse and often get asked about the best way to introduce the ‘furry child’ to the new baby so I wanted to be confident that I was giving the best advice that I could.
This book was perfect! It provided me with the knowledge to give professional advice to my clients, and is now a book that I recommend to all dog owners that are expecting. The book is perfectly written and is set out in a very simple and informative style. It is easy to read and provides step-by-step information that gets to the heart of the issue.
An absolute must for dog owners that are expecting and also for anyone in the Veterinary profession wanting to brush up on doggy behaviour.

An essential guide! – October 2, 2012
Jiy (Melbourne)

This is a very informative and comprehensive book for dog owners expecting a baby – even if the baby is just going to be visiting. Dr Kirkham’s style of writing is simple and personal which makes it very simple to follow and easy to understand. The book offers a wealth of practical information for dog owners and as a paramedic I particularly liked the discussion on the possible risk areas. This is the book to get if you have a furry loved one who you are not sure how they will react to a new baby. Buy it!

Excellent, I highly recommended this book – September 18, 2012

This book is a must read for anyone expecting a baby and who owns a dog. Without being overly dramatic, the author plainly makes the case for managing all interactions between your baby and dog for both safety and convenience. The book contains very practical tips on how to teach your dog what they should be doing when the baby arrives to minimise unwanted behaviours. If every dog owner followed these tips we would have fewer dogs put in shelters or re-homed just because their owners (and dogs) were not prepared for a baby.

Brilliant Book – September 14, 2012
Doireann Ni Chinneide, Ireland

As a pregnant dog owner, I was making myself crazy with anxiety over every little thing my dog was doing. This book did wonders to calm my fears, provide the facts and also provided great answers to just about every question that came up. A must-have book for any pregnant family that owns a dog! I’m so glad I purchased this.

A must have for dog owners expecting a baby. – September 13, 2012
Bernie O’Connor

I recommended this book to my sister and my best friend who are both expecting their first baby and own dogs. They absolutely loved it and so do their husbands! My vet recommended it and I’m so glad she did. They both found the handy tips really, well, handy! And the funny `case studies’ scattered throughout really helped them relate to many of the topics covered in the book! It is a great gift for any one that is pregnant and to have as your own also. A great book

So helpful for first-time mums with dogs! – September 12, 2012

I love this book. If you have a dog and you’re pregnant, this is a must read. I learnt so much and we were really well prepared to have a baby in the house and still have time for our first baby (Harvey – our dog!). It’s really beautiful and easy to read and follow the instructions. It is a ‘must have’ for anybody who owns a dog and is expecting a baby.

Loved this book. – September 12, 2012
Belle Grace

This book is fantastic! I had a few concerns about how to manage my baby and dog and this book helped me sort everything out. I learnt lots of valuable stuff and the book is really gorgeous. Thanks to this book and sounds, my dog and baby are the best of friends.

A great help – August 9, 2012

Tell Your Dog You’re Pregnant is a both an interesting and beautiful book to read – a combination of easy-to-follow practical advice and acknowledgement of the pleasures (and sometimes pains) that our dogs bring us. A must have for dog (furry babies?) lovers who are expecting a human baby.

Behaviourist’s approval – August 1, 2012
Dr Joanne Righetti (Sydney, Australia) – PhD Animal Behaviourist

Baby and Pet