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What is Tell Your Dog You’re Pregnant?
Tell Your Dog You’re Pregnant is a resource written by Dr Lewis Kirkham, a veterinarian with further qualifications in animal behaviour. It contains the latest up to date scientific research and training information on how best to prepare your dog for a new baby. It also contains a CD of 13 different baby and toy sounds to help prepare your dog.
Why do I need Tell Your Dog You’re Pregnant?
Tell Your Dog You’re Pregnant provides essential information for any household that is expecting a new baby and has a resident dog. It explains how to best prepare your dog for the pending arrival as well as providing a CD containing 13 tracks of different baby and toy sounds. Every CD sound corresponds with a common situation you will be in with your dog and new baby.
How long before my baby is due should I start reading and using the book?
As soon as possible! The longer that you have to prepare your dog for the new baby the more likely you are to have a successful introduction. So even if you are just planning for a family it is highly recommended to commence preparing your dog – those pregnancy months can just fly by!
My baby is due in a few weeks. Am I too late to use Tell Your Dog You’re Pregnant?
No! If your baby is due soon then you need to purchase a copy immediately as you need to educate yourself and prepare your dog as much as possible in the small amount of time remaining.
My dog is fine around children. Why do I need Tell Your Dog You’re Pregnant?
Many dog owners believe that their dog will be fine with a new baby as their dog had been around kids their whole life, or a friend had a baby and their dog just ‘kept away from the baby’. As outlined in the book, avoidance can be an early warning sign of a problem in the relationship between your dog and a new baby. Tell Your Dog You’re Pregnant will educate you on canine body language and highlight early warning signs that there could be a problem. There are many other changes in the household that occur other than the appearance of a new baby. Tell Your Dog You’re Pregnant discusses these and informs you how to handle these changes so as not to upset your dog.
I have 2 or more dogs. Will Tell Your Dog You’re Pregnant still help me?
Yes it will. All dogs need to prepared for the pending arrival. The book has a dedicated section discussing how to handle 2 or more dogs.
Can’t I just play a recording of a baby crying to my dog?
Just playing one sound to your dog can actually make their response to your newborn baby worse! Tell Your Dog You’re Pregnant outlines exactly how to play the sounds so as to gradually acclimatise your dog. A newborn baby does not just make one sound. Babies make numerous sounds depending on the activity. Some of the 13 sounds included on the CD are laughing, grunting, playing, feeding and bathing as well as toy noises. You are much more likely to develop a harmonious relationship between your baby and dog by using Tell Your Dog You’re Pregnant.
How can I purchase I copy?
To purchase your own copy of Tell Your Dog You’re Pregnant click here.
What payment options do you accept?
Direct Deposit, Paypal, Visa and Mastercard.
How much does postage/shipping cost?
Postage and handling fee to anywhere in Australia is $6.95 by Australia Post regular post. Asia/Pacific/NZ is $9.95. USA/UK/Other is $19.95. (All prices are in Australia dollars)
Do you ship worldwide?
Yes we do! Click here to purchase your copy. Tell Your Dog You’re Pregnant is now helping expectant families worldwide.
Can I download a copy of the book and sounds?
Yes you can! Click here for online purchase and download. Tell Your Dog You’re Pregnant is available in all ebook formats (iPad, iPhone, Kindle, Nook, Kobo, Sony eReader, ePub, PDF etc). After purchasing your ebook and/or sounds, a link will be sent to your email address within 24-48 hours.
Can I just purchase and down the sounds and play them to my dog without the book?
As there is a possibility that the incorrect use of the sounds can make some dog’s responses to a baby worse, it is therefore not recommended to use the sounds without the assistance of the book. If you have a specific request for the sounds only then you can purchase and download them here.
My book does not have the CD of sounds included. How can I get the baby and toy sounds?
If you have the paperback or iPad/iPhone version of the book, click here to download the sounds. You will need your copy of the book to enter a unique code to access this download for free.
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